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[PRE-ORDER] Medium Hobo Bag in Cornflower (Light Pebbled)

[PRE-ORDER] Medium Hobo Bag in Cornflower (Light Pebbled)

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READ ME: Pre-Order Guide

Our products may sell out quickly since they're handmade & produced in small batches. Here's a quick tip to know if what you want is available now or for pre-order:

On-Hand: No "pre-order" label; available for immediate shipping.

Pre-Order: Labeled as "pre-order" beside the product title; ships by the ETA in the description (+/- 1 week).

IMPORTANT NOTE - How to know the ETA of your order:

  1. Retrieve your order details (order date & breakdown of order) from the email with subject “Order #xxxx, confirmed, thank you!”
  2. Once you have this information, align these details with the 1st & 2nd column below then check the ETA in the 3rd column
  3. Sample can be found after the table below

Date Ordered & Pair

Product Ordered


July 24 onwards SML Butter, Cornflower, Blush Sept Week 4
July 18 onwards SML Burgundy Sept Week 3-4
July 10, 8:20pm onwards S & L Oxblood
SML Charcoal
Sept Week 2-3
July 9, 8:20pm to July 10 8:19pm M Oxblood
July 8, 8:20pm to July 17 SML Burgundy
July 7, 8:20pm onwards SML Blush
Sept Week 1
July 7 onwards SML -
Butter, Burgundy,
July 7 onwards SML -
Espresso, Chili,
Aug Week 1-3
Before July 9 8:20 pm
Before July 7 8:20pm
July 7 onwards
SML Oxblood
SML Blush (ordered before 8:20pm)
SM Silver
July Week 2-4
July 8 to 10 SML Charcoal Aug Week 1-3
June 21 to July 7 SML Charcoal
SL Espresso
SML Chili
Aug Week 1-3
Before June 21 SML Charcoal
SL Espresso
SML Chili
July Week 2-3
Any date SML -
Ivory, Oatmeal,
Until stocks last,
Will be out of stock after



Date Ordered Product Ordered ETA
June 20 Small Espresso July Week 2-3
June 21 Small Espresso Aug Week 1-3
July 8 Small Espresso Aug Week 1-3


          Product Details

          What fits?

          Small - Phones, Kindle (tight fit)

          Medium - iPad, kindle (comfortably)

          Large - 15" laptops

          Functional yet versatile, its spacious design and slouchy silhouette makes it the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle — all safely secured with a zip closure.

          Approximate Measurements:

          Fabric Details:
          Texture of each bag may vary, there are some colors who have slightly bigger "pebble" texture than others. 

          Note for the Espresso: 
          This updated espresso fabric offers a lighter hue and larger 'pebble' texture compared to the original, while also being thicker and more durable.


          Logo Emblem
          Pebbled Vegan Leather
          Metal Zip Closure
          Comes with a Carabiner to hang accessories 
          Lined with Canvas Linen
          Interior Pocket with Zipper 

          Small vs. Medium vs. Large Comparison

          What fits?

          Small - Phone, Kindle (tight fit)

          Medium - iPad, Kindle (comfortable fit)

          Large - Any standard laptop less than 19.7 inches

          Leather Care

          Avoid Chemicals:
          Keep your bag away from alcohol and harsh chemicals. Exposing it to such may cause stains on the bag. If exposed, use some oil-based cleanser and gently wipe on the affected area.

          Gentle Cleaning:
          Use a damp cloth for a gentle wipe-down. Nothing too harsh!

          For tougher stains, use an oil based cleanser and wipe gently.

          When not in use, give your bag a break in a cool, dry spot away from any humidity.

          Shipping & FAQs

          How long does pre-order take?

          • You may view the full guide here 

          I'd like to follow up on the status of my order. When will it be shipped out? 

          • If your order is on hand, shipping lead time can be found below
          • If your order is for pre-order, you may view the pre-order guide to know the ETA

          What are your shipping options?  

          • Pick up or delivery
          • For pick up: 
            • Pick-up details will be sent 2-3 days after order date. 
            • Buyers arrange their own pick-up either through a 3rd party courier or self pick-up
          • For delivery, we use Lalamove for Metro Manila & JRS for Provincial or GogoXpress for both. Lead time is after 1-2 days of packing is:
            • Metro Manila: 1-4 days
            • Provincial: 3-10 days
              • We dispatch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

          How do I track my order? 

          • Visit our website and click the chatbot option in the lower right corner
          • Click track my order 
          • If it's still awaiting fulfillment, that means your order has been shipped yet 

          What is your return and exchange policy? 
          • Check here to view our policy.

          How do I clean my bag/shoe? 

          • Our products are made with vegan leather and should be given some TLC!
          • We advise that you wipe your item with a damp cloth & allow it to air dry. Make sure to store it in a dry area as well to avoid moisture build-up. 

          Do you have a size chart? 

          • Yes we do! Click here
          • If you're still having troubles or are unsure, send us a message on Instagram with your usual cm measurements and US size 

            Functional yet versatile, its spacious design and slouchy silhouette makes it the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle — all safely secured inside a zip closure.

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